Honda Accord 2005 Model Recovery

Posted on July 30, 2013
A Honda Accord 2005 model was successfully recovered. Below is the narration of events by the client:
"On the 27th of July, at about 9.00pm, I was waylaid just after parking my vehicle at my residence. My car is a metallic grey coloured Honda 2005 model (popularly known as the end-of-discussion). The assailants were 2 unmasked gunmen who shoved me into the backseat of the vehicle. I was then asked to show them my security, which I did - “the 4 minute timer security”. I also got disposed of my wallet containing my ATM cards and my identity cards. My wristwatch and cell phones were also collected.
The thieves drove out with me in the car for a distance of about 1.5 km, before I was then ordered to alight the vehicle as they sped off.
That fateful day marked exactly 3weeks since I installed my car tracker. Losing my phones meant I had lost all contacts relevant to retrieving the vehicle. And in my very tumultuous state of mind, the thought of even recollecting these numbers was ridiculous. I immediately made a quick decision to contact a fellow client of Mackbeks. Infact, we installed our car trackers on the same day. This required me to make a 1.5 km sprint barefooted to this client’s residence.
On contacting Mackbeks, they expediently triangulated the car's position. Whilst giving me real-time information regarding the movement of the stolen car, I headed straight to the Area Command police station in Keffi to report the case. Within 45 minutes, the car was demobilized at Mararaba directly in front of Diamond bank. It took another 45 minutes for the police to retrieve the vehicle which was about 10.35pm. By 11.30pm, I saw my vehicle neatly parked infront of the ATM machine, which made it safe to assume the thieves had stopped to clear my account with the ATM cards snatched from me. I retrieved my vehicle from the police within 72hours.
My gratitude to God knows no bounds for directing to become a client of Mackbeks Global Resources Ltd. With the rising tide of crime in our terrain, its only prudent to safeguard one's car with this nifty tracking device. Afterall, its cost is only an infinitesimal fraction of the car’s worth.
Macbeks all the way! You guys rock!!
Yours faithfulliy


Honda Accord 2008 Model Theft and Recovery Report

Posted on July 14, 2013

Below is a narration of our client's experience: 

"A HONDA ACCORD 2008 model insured with FIN Insurance company was stolen on the 13th of July 2012 at about 9:35 pm. I had parked in front of my house receiving a phone call inside the car when a man tapped on my window and ordered me to wind down claiming that he was the new street guard. He pointed a gun at me and ordered me to open the boot and hand over the car keys. I saw four other men armed with guns and machetes when I got out of the car.

Two of them attempted to force me into the boot but I struggled, escaped and ran for my life while shouting for help. I then saw and jumped into the back of a pickup truck that drove by. The pickup driver helped me to the police station within Apo resettlement where I made my report and afterwards called the tracking company, Mackbeks Global Resources Ltd to report the incident.
I got a call from the agent at the tracking company Mackbeks Global Resources Ltd at about 7:15 am the next morning, that the car had been tracked and recovered at total filling station in Zuba. It was towed to Zuba police station by the police officers who had been alerted by Mackbeks Global Resources Nig. Ltd.
Thank you.

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