Toyota Hiace Bus Recovery

Posted on January 9, 2013

A Toyota Hiace Bus insured comprehensively with an insurance company in abuja was successfuly recovered.

This said bus was registered with a Benue State registration number. It was on Thursday, 23rd of February that the owner sent his driver to drop off some workers somewhere in Kwali (about a kilometer after GSS, Kwali). He drove off with the workers at exactly 6:45 pm from Yangoji heading towards Kwali. At about 7:15 pm, the owner got a distress call, that the bus had been snatched by a group of 5 armed men. According to the driver, he was driving as usual when all of a sudden, a saloon car overtook him and blocked him with full lights. They surrounded him with guns and asked him to handover the key. 
The owner immediately called us even before he contacted the Police Force. We immediately followed up the movement of the car with the tracking device. The owner was driving from Yangoji while we were coming down the city gate. We all got to the Airport Junction at about 9.00 pm and with the help of the Police tracked the car in a nearby village called Sauka, where the bus was packed by a mechanic workshop. It was about the hour of 11 pm that the car was tracked and then we left and the Police continued their own part.
Meanwhile, as we were tracking the vehicle, the engine was switched off and the robbers adopted another technique. They cut two seat belts from the front of the car and towed the vehicle with a car they had come with. They towed it to a nearby mechanic workshop hoping to check what the problem was the next day, and then continue their journey. Unfortunately, we met none of the robbers around when we got there. We drove the Bus to SARS office, after Apo round about. The next day, we went back to sign relevant documents with the Police and then the bus was given back to the owner. It is packe din a safe place for now, well protected with the installed tracking device from Mackbeks Global Resources