Intelligent Power Saver

Intelligent power saving device capable of sensing movement and triggering power supply on and off. Adjustable sensing area and sensing time delays will help to save electricity bill and minimise power wastages.


Power saving                                                      
Microwave sensor switch for power supply for home appliances                
Resistant to sunshine, wind and small animal movement              
Power off delay time is adjustable.                                   
Sensing area is adjustable.                                    
Universal power socket                                          
Easy to use

Areas of use:,/h3>

Office/ Public area
Air conditioner/electric fan/lighting/ office equipment


Input:AC 110-240V
Microwave frequency:10.5-10.6GHz
Sensing distance:max 15 meters

Work mechanism:

When a person enters the room, the microwave sensor detects human movement and it triggers the power ON. When a person leaves the room, the microwave sensor detects no human movement. After a period of time (delay time is adjustable), it triggers power OFF.
(Sensing delay time is defined as timeframe from no human movement to auto power off)