Car Recovery Testimonial

Posted on May 18, 2013

My name is Mr. Adebanji, a client of Royal Exchange Insurance Company. The tracking device was installed in Ibadan on the 17th of May, 2013. The incident happened at Lawal street, Shasha, Lagos at about 10pm. The robbers followed my friend who was driving the car into the residential premises. They were three in number and they all had guns. They took all his valuables and drove the car with him in it. They asked if the car had any form of security and he showed them for fear of being shot.

The car stopped a few meters from home because of the fuel cut security it has and he had to show them where it was. They drove the car for about 10mins approximately on high speed and he was dropped around agege with no cash to get back home. The vehicle was snatched at gun point at about 10pm in my house and he was taken in the vehicle and dropped later far away from home. The people in the house had already called the police emergency number. Hemet a police squad truck when he got back home around 11pm, followed them to Afonka Police station and he made a formal report. The DPO asked if the car had any form of security or tracker and he told them it did. We called the tracking company, Mackbeks Global resources Ltd and they did a great job by helping us monitor the stolen vehicle, and also told the police the location where the car was parked in Mushin in Lagos. The DPO of Afonka police station radioed the area ‘’D’’ command at Mushin about the vehicle on Olanrewaju street parked in front of a hotel. It was locked, and we had to retrieve the vehicle with an extra key.
Afonka police station did a good job in the recovery of the vehicle. The tracking device was very effective and we say a big THANK YOU to Mackbeks Global Resources Ltd.
Yours faithfully,